Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why is Obama giving a green light to bailed-out-banks to credit card rape "lower class" Americans?

(1.) First, American banks (e.g., Bank of America!) are bleeding Americans dry to "bail them out" from their greed/stupidity policies.

(2.) Now, adding insult to injury (or "double dipping") these same virulently anti Democracy banks are gouging even their best customers with dramatically escalating interest rates. Many (most?) bank cards rates are now well into the twenties and any loan with such astronomical interest can NEVER be repaid, even if you keep making payments twenty years after you're in box city.

And Obama is doing what?

Maybe we should say that again. And Obama is doing what?

Hey, Mr. President, how come your memory is so short when it comes to prioritizing the "lower classes”? You see, millions of us wonder why you're effectively encouraging this credit card rape. You know, most of us already have enough grief on our financial plates without this quasi legal theft. Because of the categorical support of President Obama, we probably can't even defend ourselves with class action suits.

But do the math Mr. President (can you do the math?) and you'll see that if everyone goes along with this high robbery, the extra interest coming into the banks will be in the BILLIONS. Or if you think about several banks, it will probably be in the trillions.

But, but, but . . . haven't we already given them most of the farm? Do we also have to give them the 3 ducks and 5 cows we have left? Is there no LIMIT to their Rothschild greed?

The "bank thing" is at the core of what's rotten in America, since they are the public mechanisms that keep one or two percent of American citizens (i.e., the elites -- aka, the "Haves") living like literal Greek Gods and all the rest of us living like human cattle . . . on the way to the slaughter house. And the slaughter house has many forms: money cow oil wars, systematic genocide of the "lower classes" by the elites, the theft our health plans and retirements, and on and on. It's no fun to be a Homo sapien cow in a country of vampire elites.

And it’s no fun to be in a country that has a speechifying President (BORing!) who seems to be in a coma while bailed out banks gang bang working Americans.

Indeed, "banks" are the very essence of the stupidity of confusing symbol with reality. Reality is the Earth, it's loving each other, it's a lifetime of LABOR, and it's spiritual to the core (which doesn't have to be "religious" -- totally another matter), its children, and its death. You get the idea.

But banks don't see it that way. For them all that jazz is merely a "symbol". It's abstract irrelevance and at best cannon fodder for the money game war.

For banks, reality is those little rectangular pieces of green paper, columns of numbers, and most of all DEBTS. Yes, most of all debts because that's what the money game is fundamentally all about. It's exquisitely designed to keep us broken with debt, while the elites have affairs on a whim in their country of choice, have so many cars some of them are never driven, have at least two mansions, never do one day of real work in their entire life, and sneer at 99% of the human race with limitless contempt. And oh, yes they are also systematically committing planet wide genocide because they think the Earth has an excess of around two billion human cattle (or is it cattle humans?).

Think about it, human existence (thanks to the weapons of the elites, i.e., banks), is a vast paper game that is totally abstract, totally "out of touch with reality, and totally evil.

The bank game, the money game, the elite game, has one purpose only. It's all about power and greed. But somehow it has so infected the human race with delusion, that eventually we'll have to pay to breathe; we'll have to pay to have sex with our spouses or significant others (i.e., pay the Rockefeller's, Saudi Princes, and Murdoch's); we'll have to pay to look at a beautiful sunset; we'll have to pay for the right to get up in the morning -- hell, eventually we'll have to pay to brush our teeth. After all, Paris Hilton has to have a few hundred grand for a new wardrobe every month or two and the Royal Bush Family needs to be frozen for as long as it takes for them to be unthawed as brand new hominids in a science fiction future (actually, the freezing part is rather appealing -- just so long as they don't start to rot).

The one good thing about contemporary events is that it’s now totally obvious that the core mechanism of “The Have’s” is banks, banks, and banks.

Lastly, it would behoove us to examine very closely the families, cultures, and countries that are now and have historically been most associated with the bank/money game. Who are these people, who are these cultures and countries who have over the centuries most perfected the bank/money game into the straight from hell filth that has poisoned the very heart of human existence.

At least now we know where to look. The bank/money game (really war!) is a public manifestation that points very precisely to specific families, cultures, and countries.

And where the bank/money game flourishes, certifiable psychosis is god and hate (usually self-righteously "religious") is the ultimate currency of our tragically vulnerable species.

And Barack who?