Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look, our planet is on fire, our country is on fire, and we have an Obama/Clinton/AIPAC Presidency!

The same Bill Clinton jackasses who set up the financial infrastructure that destroyed our economy in the first place (with colossal help from eight years of psycho/greed Republicans) are the same jackasses Obama has appointed to "fix" the economy. Duh. No, double Duh. Does this mean Obama is stupid or does this mean he has sold out to the DLC? Or both.

It sure didn't take 100 days to find out that American foreign policy in the Middle East is STILL dictated by the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing. And the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing is about as lunatic as it's humanly possible to get! Even going back to Ben Gurion, it was made crystal clear the ultimate goal of these gaggingly righteous religious fanatics was the theft of THE ENTIRE STATE OF PALESTINE.

And what about "accountability"? A subject all the polls indicate the American people feel just as passionately about as the total destruction of the American economy by the DLC Clinton right wing machine.

Gee, is Obama going to hold ANYBODY accountable for ANYTHING? Not just car company CEO's but THE BANKS (who now “are” America), the anti-Christ Dick Cheney (hey, the shoe fits) and pinhead George. Remember these two monsters are directly responsible for the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people -- children included. But nicy nice Barack is going to do . . . what? "Chide" them in his politically correct, abstract speeches.

But most of all, does anybody get it that the life and death ecosystems of human existence have already basically ceased to exist? What's over the horizon is too hideous to contemplate. Massively expanding ozone holes, new breeds of over the top hurricanes, global warming which is turning into global "baking", a probable oncoming magnetic shift of the poles which will leave the Earth radiation-defenseless for possibly hundreds of years, the agonizing destruction of sacred rain forests to keep the United States loaded with mountains of hamburgers, the suicidal pollution of not only America's rivers and lakes, but all the oceans of the planet (mostly by the good ol' US of A -- and the rest of the planet bloody well knows it!), 100% unregulated food and medicine (is there “dirt” in those capsules?), totally dismantled environmental protections, etc., etc., etc.

The tragedy is not only that Homo sapiens are committing suicide as a species; it's that we're also dragging thousands of other life forms with us.

But Obama gives speeches. Yeah, that helps.

The point isn't that Obama isn’t doing anything. The point is that Obama is doing 10% of what DESPERATELY must be done, but "spinning" that 10% into 90%.

No, no, President Obama. Read our lips. You are doing TEN percent, not NINETY percent. That too complicated for you? Hey, don't worry about it. Just give another vacuous speech. You're good at that. See, the problem is that you’re not DOING anything radical to save our country and planet.

But back to the image in the title: Our country and planet is "on fire" and we can't afford some nonsensical "100 days” to judge the morality and rationality of this administration.

The jury is already in and you're coming up as a heart breaking disappointment. We hoped for at least a writ small version of FDR, but what we're getting is a Clinton clone. What we're getting is another pain in the derriere "politician" who’s not going to upset the big boys so he can have a second term. Ugh.

But, Obama, "the house is on fire"? Are you in a coma? If it was the personal home of any one of us, what would we do? Would we wait a hundred days before we called the fire department? Would we talk to the "gang" that set the house on fire to put it out? Would we ask some genocidal Middle Eastern thieves what neighbors we should attack while the house was burning?

NO!!! We would ACT. We wouldn't give BORing politically correct "speeches" -- we would ACT. And would we tell our spouse and children that we were giving 90% to save our home, while we were so intimidated and secretive about the local "God Father's" that we were really only committing ten percent?

OBAMA IS FAILING. He's not the man he promised to be. Practically EVERYTHING he's doing is "political" and cowardly.

Lastly, keep in mind that our evidence isn't only these last two months, it's also the gaggle of Clinton losers he's appointed to deal with the economy, his pathetic and humiliating submission to the AIPAC, and his day one appointment of a chief of staff who has a documented record of total hatred for Palestinians.

If the Earth and American houses were NOT on fire, perhaps we could be more permissive and even wait (which is still silly) the "hundred days" before extrapolating the future. But we don't have that luxury. The Earth doesn't have that luxury and the rags of what's left of our Constitutional Republic doesn't have that luxury. And you know what, the REST OF THE PLANET isn't going to GIVE US that luxury because they know full well the primary home of The Beast (mentally ill religious fanatics; parasitical, vampire elites; and the barbarian lunatic right wing) is the United States of America -- as the last eight horror show years abundantly prove.

So, where does this leave us? It leaves us with the brutal realism that "putting out the fire" isn't going to come from this status quo President. Maybe the Congress (for a change), but definitely NOT Barack Obama (he still hasn’t “earned” a Presidential title).

So just like the George W. Bush horror show years, the core dynamics of social, biological change are going to have to come from us. The people. You and me and our neighbors -- including internet neighbors.

Is Obama a hopeless case with his "political" ten percent masquerading as ninety percent? Well (to extend the fire analogy) if we KEEP HIS FEET TO THE FIRE maybe he'll be the patriotic American he pretended to be in the primaries. Maybe he'll have a change of heart and conscience and fundamentally deal with the fire, i.e., deal with The Beast.

But for now, it's thumbs down and no mistake. Sad but true, so as per usual the buck stops with us. For the moment at least, we need to ignore Obama and concentrate on the Congress and the Will of the People (i.e., apolitical strategies).

One thing is certain. You don't putz around and talk a lot of smiley, smug talk when your home is on fire. And you don’t squander your integrity and credibility by sucking up to elitist Bill Clinton and the The United States of the Israel (the Chinese name for America).

Oh FDR, FDR, if only we could resurrect you . . .