Thursday, April 9, 2009

America's core unfinished business: Elite Assassinations, Wars, and Depressions.

America's unfinished business: The Great Depression (elite engineered?), Kennedy/King assassinations, Gulf of Tonkin lie, 9/11, and our SECOND engineered Depression, etc.

Of course, and alas, there's more. Remember names like Henry Kissinger (even more evil than Dick Cheney if you measure evil by the number of people you directly or indirectly murder -- plus whose first loyalties were NEVER to the United States of America).

Many of our young people don't realize that the Viet Nam War was "justified" by a TOTALLY DOCUMENTED LIE having to do with the Gulf of Tonkin. Reminds you of Bush's State of the Nation lies to "justify" his preemptive invasion of Iraq, doesn't it?

God how these fascist elites can lie!

The near certain assassination of courageous Senator Paul Wellstone is more unfinished business. Dear God, this man lived in Minnesota and he doesn't know how to fly in a snowstorm? Duh. And to make sure his voice was permanently silenced, most of his family was assassinated as well. And oh yes, his death gave the Senate to the fascist pugs which was critical for making dufus George the King of America.

God how these fascist elites can murder!

Evidence is now emerging that America's "Great Depression" was ALSO engineered. Here's just one quote, but when you pull it the fascist/elite propaganda tapestry rapidly unravels:

"(The Great Depression resulting from the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence....The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all." Louis McFadden (1876-1936) US Congressman (R-PA) (1915-1935), Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee -- who was poisoned in 1936.

Please note the unique financial position of this man and that he was speaking from his erudition and conscience, not the “Republican line” and we should honor his memory as we acknowledge his assassination.

Of course there’s no question of the Kennedy assassinations (both President JFK and Bobby) and the blatantly “political” assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The only question is who orchestrated those infamous murders and why. I think by now we can make a very educated guess, don’t you?

Have you noticed how often we keep using the “assassination” word? That’s how the rest of the world sees us. They know (often better than we do from their “outside in” perspective) that American is 100% a Dictatorship or the Rich and that the “elites” (formerly the “aristocracy” of Kings and Queens) want working class Americans to be cattle or corpses.

However, speaking of the rest of the world (especially the Orient) they’re getting colossally pissed off that America’s elite greed and retarded religious fanatics are steadily and VERY RAPIDLY trashing human Civilization and the necessary planetary conditions for the continued existence of human beings. And we are now receiving very specific warnings that if we don’t deal with the fascist elites, the rest of the planet will do an “intervention” on us, since they have NO intention of continuing to sit by while American elites destroy all the national economies of the Earth and the very life and death ecosystems of our species.

In short, we have been warned and would do well to heed it.

The simple truth is that the human community can no longer afford the luxury of multi millionaires and multi billionionaires, ESPECIALLY that ultimately lethal combination of astronomically rich murder in the name of God religious fundamentalists

Here’s another way to say this. George W. Bush pushed the envelope of vampire greed and kill-a Muslim-for-Christ religious fanaticism much, much too far. His pinhead brain thought he really was King of the Earth and that he had the “divine right” to rob and murder limitlessly -- which is exactly what he did, much to the worry of the “wiser” elites who knew their existence utterly depended on continued and utmost secrecy. Organizations like the “Illuminati” are now unwillingly “going public” and that’s win/win for us all, since this collective virtual anti-Christ can of worms has been controlling human existence beyond our wildest dreams (or nightmares) for millennia.

But if there’s a God, He/She gave us the internet against which the Greek God like elites are defenseless. But is this really the case? Well, think of it like this. If and when a critical mass of Americans (or more probably humans in general since the elites are national/international), REALLY GETS THE MESSAGE that less than one percent of the human race has been manipulating the human condition like literal Gods and Goddesses for millennia, and that this less than one percent has NEARLY ALL OF THE WEALTH OF THE PLANET and is very probably committing systematic genocide even in America to wean down the population to the size they want (the word is they are working to get rid of two billions of us – think Africa and “aids”, think New Orleans, think unregulated poisonous meat, think unregulated pharmaceutical giants, etc.), then it is simply a matter of numbers before this collective knowledge will catalyze a titanic explosion of rage that will be heard on the outer planets.

However, the point of this piece is not the arguable inevitability of literally indescribable human violence once the elites lose their force field of secrecy, but a listing of a few core examples of America’s profoundly unfinished business.

In short, America’s skeletons are FINALLY clattering out of the closets, and ironically this is almost certainly due to the pathological religious fanaticism and greed vampire excesses of George W. Bush who pushed the elite envelope of secrecy beyond the point of breaking.

So just as Sarah Palin’s grotesque “biker policies” significantly helped to break the back of McCain’s presidential campaign, so may the blatantly public, sociopathic atrocities of Georgie Porgie break the back of humanity’s satanic elites.

Time to finish our unfinished business once and for all. Time to apolitically DEAL WITH the elites (remember “politics” is a lose/lose game invented by and for the elites).

Time for the re-birth of America.