Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Clinton/Obama status quo Presidency is NOT what we voted for!

The jury is in. This is going to be a Clinton/Obama Presidency (in that order). The appointments are all DLC Clinton machine right wing dems, and that just ain't good enough. And it CERTAINLY isn't what Obama promised.

For openers, it's now clear that Middle Eastern diplomacy isn't even on the table, plus the capstone of Obama's domestic promises (taxing the elites) is now being procrastinated for SEVERAL YEARS -- in spite of dire warnings of many economists who say that to extend this endless Christmas for the elites will be suicidal to our Bush-bankrupted economy.

It's also imperative to remember that BOTH Clinton and Bush worked to redefine what would have been very right wing eight years ago into the alleged "centrists" of 2008. Indeed, the 2006 Congress of dem traitors were puked out by the DLC Clinton machine. Conversely, the so called “progressives” of 2008 were merely the centrists of year 2000.

Is the Clinton Presidency (oops, I mean the Clinton/Obama Presidency) going to be a "lesser of the evils" when compared to the corporative fascism and religious fanaticism of the Bush horror show years?

Undoubtedly yes . . . but probably not much. Hey, Obama's even keeping Gates for Secretary of Defense. Naturally there are all kinds of rationalizations for keeping a George Bush appointment (remember, Obama said he would immediately change ALL of Bush's decisions), but it's now heartbreakingly obvious that Obama has no intention of honoring the multiple promises he made during both the primaries and Presidential campaign.

Indeed, he has already locked us to the dead and rotting past we were so fearful could only come from John McCain.

In short we have been snookered again. Obama's watch word was "change", but so far it’s wall to wall status quo. President Status Quo Obama.

So, back to our ONE party dem/pug political system. Back to having our international policy being dictated by recycled neocons, i.e., being a tail wagged by the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing (who the Clinton's have been licking the boots of for decades). And back to having basically our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT suck up to national/international elites.

So does the evidence to date indicate that we're going to take even one giant step away from having America's working class treated like cattle in a Dictatorship of the Rich? Nope. Maybe a "baby step" will be allowed by the elites for strategy reasons, but a giant step -- in your dreams.

Ironically, the Republican Party may be in ruins, but the {DLC Clinton machine} + {Israeli right wing extremists} + {the national/international fraternity of Greek God like elites} couldn’t be more alive and well.

Moral: It's time to jump out of this political box once and for all. Look, Obama’s April Fools are as good as its ever going to get; and this means a one dem/pug political party of elite puppets and professional status quo NON boat rockers will be the decorated Police State America has been morphed into.

But ONLY if we keep putting all our money into this lose/lose political game.

Dear God, isn't it obvious by now that politics (all of it) IS the problem? Maybe once upon a time we could look to our nationally elected officials to be representatives of the will of the people, but that Camelot has long since dissolved into dreamland.

Politics now is ONE THING ONLY: a gaggle of hypocritical, greed obsessed, willing assassins whose souls have long since been sold to multi millionaire and multimillionaire elites. They all feed at the same hog trough (dems & pugs equally) which the elites provide for their bought and paid for zombies (think "Judas media"!) and they are the mortal enemies of our Constitutional Republic and even bare minimum morality.

Naturally, there are a handful of honorable and courageous exceptions, but they simply prove the rule.

In short, our "political system" is unequivocally THE ENEMY.

But knowing this can be our liberation, since only to the degree that we don't come out of denial, delusion, and cowardice and see this system for what it truly is (i.e., BOTH parties are far to the right of the vast majority of American citizens and voters) and "wake up" and stop drinking ground glass because the elites have Pavlov-conditioned us to think its medicine, is the degree to which we can jump out the political box, "find ourselves", and start living like grown up, patriotic Americans instead of brainless cattle on the way to elite slaughter houses

It's hard not to see contemporary America as something out of a science fiction movie in which there are the ones who eat (elites and their political zombies) and the ones who are eaten (basically, the entire human race). It's not deja vu all over again. It's the 6,000 old year Have and Have Not horror all over again -- and a Have and Have not horror which apparently Obama is going to do nothing substantive to change. Indeed, he's turning out to be just the new "slumlord" in the American Dictatorship of the Rich.

So, where does this leave us?

It leaves us in a hopeless political hell. A few years ago, it could be said that politics is part of the problem, not the solution. However, these last eight year, followed by Obama's status quo flips/flops, have changed that into politics IS the problem. Our new mantra is that POLITICS IS THE PROBLEM.

Hence, our only hope of saving our Constitutional Republic and the rapidly disappearing necessary ecosystems for human existence is to jump out of the political box once and for all.

Meaning? Well, here's a starter which was a response to an earlier submission of this writer from an American named Wayne:

"For now, I urge all who TRULY want radical change to make a small, but highly symbolic gesture. Go down to City Hall and change your voter registration (if you are a registered Democrat or Republican). Register as No Party Affiliation, as I did, or register as a Green, Socialist, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Centrist, Moderate, or even Marijuana Party -- anything other then the Big Two.

If enough of us do that, believe me, the Jackasses and Pachydems will sit up and take notice.

The next step will be to rescue the presidential debates from the grasp of DePublicans and return it to some group which will insure fairness, as the League of Women Voters used to do."

Thank you, Wayne, for that excellent advice.

However, almost certainly the only ultimate "corrective" to our political prison is to passionately commit ourselves to finding and proclaiming the truth of 9/11.

It's now obvious to barnyard animals that the Republican/media (i.e., elite propaganda) account of 9/11 as being, at worst, the ineptitude of the Bush Administration is cosmic b.s. Ineptitude hell! The Bushivicks (with probable international help), ENGINEERED this atrocity from hell.

Most of us already know that the Bush/Republican version of 9/11 has more holes in it that a fisherman's net. Why, for example, were all members of the bin Laden family scooped up within hours after the tragedy and immediately flown out of the country? Why was Bush "on vacation" when it happened? Why were the pilots who flew the planes KNOWINGLY trained in America? And why did the Bush Administration totally ignore the literal blizzard of warnings that predicted what was going to happen down to very specific details, etc., etc.?

But perhaps most of all, there are now literally countless sites on the net which are encyclopedias of scientific data and studies about how responsible, objective observation of the falling buildings demonstrate that these catastrophes simply COULD NOT have been caused by the relatively small impact (in each building) of one plane. Indeed, the overwhelming visible and structural evidence is that only massive and meticulously timed explosions WITHIN the buildings could realistically account for what followed – which is exactly what all the films of the event show, so can there be any realistic doubt that preplanned detonations actually DID occur and were the true cause of the imploding towers?

Thus, the turn of phrase of choice, is that 9/11 was indeed an "inside job".

What’s being articulated here is simple. Since our political system is now totally broken and is in fact our political prison, the only game in town left is to pursue non-political strategies. And the ultimate "unfinished business" of America is 9/11.

To the degree that we are unwilling to pursue the truth of 9/11, America will have tragically lost its soul. Conversely, to the degree that we confront 9/11, we are 100% OUT of the political box, because our political system of elite controlled robots will do everything in its power to bury this truth PERMANENTLY.

Arguably confronting the truth of 9/11 is the ONLY thing which can radically change our political system/prison, since, in the words of the mystic J Krishnamurti, "It is truth that liberates; not the effort to be free."

Or, in the words of an ancient Chinese Zen Master, trying to transform politics WITH politics is "like trying to wipe off blood with blood."

God willing, the eight years of Bush horror, immediately followed by Obama's status quo flip/flops is a line most Americans will simply not cross. Instead they will jump out of this elite-constructed political box/prison once and for all and commit their lives to alternative modalities to save and heal our dying country and planet.

Godspeed to President Elect Obama, but keeping the faith that he will somehow significantly transform our political system/prison back into our birthright Constitutional Republic now requires holding on by our fingernails.

The only realistic alternative to samo, samo is . . . us.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)