Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bottom line, what have we learned during these last eight years?

For some of us it took eight years to get the message, but now millions of Americans don't look at Republicans as "politicians", but as criminals and traitors.

Again, for some of us this was a poignantly resisted realization. We wanted to believe that American politics was still samo, samo. You know, deal making, lots of graft, "dirty politics" (God knows), but still fundamentally a political process -- flawed, infuriating, and back room deals as per usual, but still fundamentally a POLITICAL PROCESS.

But now we see it like it is. The Republican Party is simply a variation of organized crime.

Millions and millions of Americans are now TOTALLY CONVINCED that 9/11 was engineered by the Republican Party.

Millions and millions of Americans are now TOTALLY CONVINCED that the Iraq War was justified by a pathological liar (Bush) solely to start a money cow oil war for the elites.

Millions and millions of Americans are now TOTALLY CONVINCED that the Bush/Republicans bankrupted the American economy for (guess who?) the elites. Hey, just stop the bloody war and stop the bloody astronomical tax breaks for the elites and the economy will come back to life in a week. Duh.

But worst of all the country now knows the Republican Party is a party of cold blooded murderers. What about Senator Wellstone (yeah, he really had no clue how to fly in snowstorms -- someone who lived his life in Minnesota?) And don't forget that they (the fascist elites) killed most of his family as well. And anthrax in the mail for only high profile Democrats. It’s too painful to continue the list.

These are greed and power people who are willing to engineer atrocities like 9/11 to "go for the gold". They are moral obscenities, like Sarah Palin who has been trying to incite the assassination of Senator Obama for the last several weeks (and cults of would be assassins have already been discovered and stopped by federal agencies).

The party's over. Just like the Communist Party is over. No more wolves in sheep's clothing, where "sheep's clothing" means business as usual politics.

By now, millions of Americans know Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, tried to engineer a Nazi coup d'etat in America in the 30's (hey, where to you think the Bush Family got much of their fortune?). Well, the dufus grandson, Georgie Porgie, actually did a much better job than gramps. Look at the rags that are left of our Constitutional Republic, our infinitely precious environment, and our back broken economy.

THIS ISN'T POLITICS; THIS IS WAR, and we have been victims of this war for two criminally stolen presidential administrations.

And let's not forget the stolen elections! Most of us honestly believe that election fraud was relatively small time before the Bush Family, the neocon cabal (which has NEVER put America first), and Dick Cheney (Satan incarnate), and the Third Reich residue of WW2.

But now it's like dealing with the Mafia. Never in our wildest dreams do we assume even a quark of morality exists in these subhuman psychopaths.

But I'm preaching to the choir and nearly all of these things are now tragically common knowledge.

It's just that it seems like we should be able to extract SOMETHING from these last eight years of horror.

And the "something" we should extract is the certain knowledge that Republicans are no longer the "loyal opposition"; they are murderers and criminals.

May I leave you with this thought? Just take it in that George W. Bush is responsible for probably HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS (many by torture at least as loathsome as the Nazi concentration camps).

And who are these killed and tortured human beings? Well, how about first saying who they're NOT. They're certainly not members of the Osama bin Laden family; you can take that to the bank. Hell, by now it's obvious to barnyard animals that Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush are joined at the hip. Lot's of us are waiting to see if bin Laden tries another last minute rescue of Bush, like he did in 2004.

No, the hundreds of thousands of corpses include thousands of innocent young children and thousands of OUR children sent to Iraq to exchange their blood for oil in Bush's money cow war for the elites.

This man is a f_____ MONSTER. He's a clone of those monsters of WW2 and he will be remembered in history AS such a monster.

So the Republican Party, good bad or otherwise, has totally ceased to exist and what has taken its place is an army of criminals and traitors.

Democrats vs Republicans? Total fantasy. How about Democrats (with all their limitations, still the conscience of America) vs Mussolini-corporate fascism. How about Democrats vs just a new variation of organized crime.

Please, please never forget, that people like Dick Cheney (Sarah Palin’s mentor) are willing to kill over and over again just to make a buck -- although one wonders what that dyspeptic walrus with the twisted sneer could do with it. Eat tubs of fish?

No, the dems ain’t perfect, but they are our ONLY defense against this avalanche of evil.

The once upon a time Republican Party isn't only an "endangered species", it is an EXTINCT species.

If you want to see the essence of what has taken its place, take a long hard look at Sarah Palin (better have a barf bag).

Bottom line, this is what we have learned. Sad, sad, sad.