Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time to start taxing the deadbeat "religious institutions".

Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Brand X -- whatever. Why are we giving these institutions a free ride? And they ARE "institutions", just like corporations. And speaking of which, we're doing basically the same thing with corporations (which get to pretend they're "individuals"?), but one rip off at a time.

Three things are up there in lights:

(1.) Where were these infinitely hypocritical religious "businesses" during the horrifically evil Bush years? Were they out there, talking morality to these fascist devils? Were they confronting the Republican engineers of 9/11 with the teachings of the Hebrew Prophets, or the teachings of Jesus, or the teachings of Mohammad? In your dreams! They must have been hiding in basements or closets, because they betrayed America and the human race by sucking their thumbs and claiming this was being "religious".

We should NEVER, NEVER forget that these smug cowards basically gave the finger to bleeding humanity in the ditch. They could have done so much if they had confronted the Bush monsters with the morality of their founders. But, to paraphrase T.S. Elliot's ending to the "Wasteland" (an exact metaphor of the Bush years), they contributed a whimper, not a bang. It's as if America was dying of thirst, and these "great religions" wouldn't give us their sweat.

(2.) Now here's something the religious institutions are have raised to a science. By definition, all these murder-in-the-name-of-God human cockroaches have their roots in your religious institution of choice!

(3.) And oh yes, item number three. The spine of our Constitution is the three branch division of powers (which Cheney almost single handedly destroyed) and the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Our founding fathers knew all about religious nut cases, which the English tried to get rid of by enthusiastically dumping them into the “new world”, so they put fail safe after fail safe to keep religious fanatics out of government. However, in every way imaginable, contemporary religious fanatics have tried to desecrate our Constitution and turn America into a brain dead theocracy (religious dictatorship). Indeed, they are doing so as we speak.

So, let’s just say three strikes and you’re out.

Let's get this straight. These institutions (really businesses) TOTALLY turned their back on America and the world when the Republican sociopaths were running amuck. And they did this for EIGHT STRAIGHT YEARS. Where were they? Why didn't they speak out? And please save their token hypocrisies for people too retarded to know the difference.

Also, they desperately tried to engineer a religious coup d’etat during the Bush years. And since Bush was also a member of this dufus army, they even had Presidential backup.

And as if that wasn't enough, these free ride institutions somehow generate a chemistry that gives potential lunatics a free pass to massacre people. Oh, but that's ok, because it's "justified" by some religion.

There are not enough barf bags on the Earth to bear the rationalizations of religious terrorists. Regardless of WHAT religion they are brainwashed by, their rationalizations are all basically the same. You can see them a mile away, with their hate-filled, glassy eyed righteousness.

OK, summation: unforgivable betrayal when we infinitely needed them, a lethal "host" for all varieties of religious terrorists, and even a declaration of total war on our Constitution.

It's time to start the wheels turning to tax the trillions of bucks they've got squirreled away (probably, mostly in secret accounts in Switzerland). And more publicly, not to forget the incalculable value of their land holdings and possessions -- and on and on. In short, these religious corporations are rich beyond the dreams of Midas. Hey, it’s easy to be rich when you’re an un-taxed corporation.

This sentence is like a mathematical equation: They betrayed us, they conjure up religious terrorists in the MILLIONS, and they tried (and are still trying) to turn America into a dictatorship of subhuman religious fanatics . . . AND WE DON’T EVEN TAX THEM!!!

Many (most?) of us already suspect evolution will select out these social dinosaurs in due course, but before they slip into oblivion, let's put an end to this criminally immoral double standard that the working class basically pays ALL the taxes, but these religious businesses keep getting away with trillions and trillions of stolen money (appropriate taxes unpaid is just another name for theft).

ps: What would dramatically help to heal our broken economy? How about the irrefutable social justice of taxing these institutional deadbeats? The establishment religions are so astronomically rich that such taxes for them would be like barely noticed paper bullets.