Sunday, November 23, 2008

Has Obama turned into a liar, liar, pants on fire President Elect?

It was just announced that Obama is no longer prioritizing stopping astronomical tax breaks for the America's multi millionaires and multi billionaire. In other words, the elites. The announcement left open the "possibility" that he might to it later. Yeah -- in your dreams.

Here's a Reuters story (11/22) to check out:

The title of the piece is: “Obama may delay high-income tax-cut repeal: aide.”

Whoa! Is that ever a red flag for coming national disasters! Its right up there with the support of the archetypal traitor to the United States of America, Joe (I hate Democrats!) Lieberman; a support which extends to letting this slime even keep his committee chairmanships. And even barnyard animals know this has little or nothing to do with the magic "60" number, since Lieberman will vote against Democratic projects more than any random Republican.

OK, there's two items here:

(1.) First Obama's high appointments to date contains ZERO liberals and ZERO indication that his commitment (which he voiced over and over again!) to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the Middle Eastern chaos in general would be approached with compromise and diplomacy. And surely diplomacy is "appropriate" since the State of Israel DIDN'T EVEN EXIST a few decades ago, until the Palestinians were told (April Fool!) huge areas of what used to be their country was now "another" country.

Understandably, the Palestinians were a tad upset and these two factions have been warring ever since. To get a feel of this abacadra (engineered by English aristocrats), imagine what would have happened if the infinitely arrogant English told countries like France, Germany, Italy, or Spain, etc. that (April Fool!) huge areas of your country are now "another" country.

This history is lost on our younger citizens, but for those of you who don't realize this, please keep in mind that the ONLY "justifications" for this metamorphosis of what was 100% the State of Palestine for centuries, were "religious comments" from an arbitrary religious book to which most of the planet is sublimely indifferent, and thus should be kept light years away from the REAL WORLD of national/international social dynamics. However, this is the sort of thing theocracies do without blinking an eye.

Indeed, there was NOTHING our genius founding fathers took more seriously that setting up fire wall after fire wall to keep the religious fanatics the English so enthusiastically "dumped" into the new world from contaminating a government straight from the Enlightenment with their wacko hatreds and stupidities.

But back to Obama. The tragedy (at least for millions of progressives and liberals) is that Obama's approach to the Middle East is turning out to be a mere recycling of DLC/Clinton right wingers (never forget the 2006 congress of dem traitors were puppets filled with the hands of the DLC).

Apparently we must live with the irony that John McCain wasn't the one to chain us to a dead a rotting past, but President Elect Obama is past, past, and nothing but past -- which means the Middle East, in all its multiple tragedies will be samo, samo.

Is this exaggeration or hyperbole? It would be if even two or three liberals had highly placed appointments, but there are fewer liberals in Obama's "team" than there are dogs on Mars.

Item number two is what millions of us have been praying might still happen. OK, Obama has been "bought off" (a near certain explanation) when it comes to international policy, but there still was the question of his national policies, but the announced catastrophic possibility that he will extend tax breaks for the elites indefinitely is literally giving the finger to working class Americans.

Jeez, haven't we been down this road before? The Bush Administration was basically run by elites and the Israeli lunatic right wing fringe (specially the neocon cabal who wagged the tail of American foreign policy for at least eight straight years).

And to paraphrase Arnold, quote the neocons, "WE'RE BACK"!

Our only counter force to the fascist, corporate elites was the virulently anti progressive DLC Clinton machine, which pumped out the 2006 Congress of right wing traitors.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place -- and a rock and a hard place which so far differs only minutely from where we spent the last eight years.

Come on Barack, do you really want to go down in history as an Israeli extremist right wing/Clinton machine/Obama President? Don't you get it that that makes you a "status quo" President, when your overwhelming mandate was to RADICALLY CHANGE THINGS?

A couple of weeks ago it would have still made sense to "wait and see". But today's announcement that the astronomical tax breaks for America's elites may go on indefinitely, combined with an open hostility to the progressive Americans who got him through the primaries and supplied the passion and infrastructure to elect him President in the first place adds up to the criminal betrayal not only of progressives, but working Americans across the board.

But what about all the hopeful things he keeps saying about changing America? Well, in the light of the totality of his record to date of appointments, interviews, and savaging of progressives and liberals, take some advice and don’t hold your breath about ANYTHING.

Any hope left.

Not much.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Ps: Message to liberals and progressives: WE got rid of the virtual anti Christ of the 3rd millennia, George W. Bush, and if the DLC/Clinton/Obama Presidency turns out to be wall to wall right wingers and elite suck ups, we can, God willing, do it again and take one more step in the direction of the will of the people -- not the will of the DLC Clinton machine and extremist Israeli right wingers.

Please take heart. We are now a force to be reckoned with and however much the dem/pugs (same thing) may denigrate what will almost certainly soon be a Progressive Party, we aren’t going to roll over and play dead for anyone. So get used to us, right wingers and elites; we are here to STAY and however much we get betrayed and discounted, you can take it to the bank that will just keep inspiring (and enraging) us to get more and more organized, financed, and aggressive.

You pushed us too far (and Obama is continuing to do so), and the response is going to be a tsunami of millions of super organized, morally outraged, and playing to win Americans. Being pushed too far, you know, has a way of catalyzing revolutionary changes.

So keep pretending we don’t exist . . . if you dare.