Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama’s EPA appointment will supremely define his place in human history.

This decision could be made any minute, but so far Obama’s ultimately important appointment is still confronting us with what could be a fatally wrong choice for the Earth.

And that's who heads the EPA. NOTHING is even in the same solar system as the indescribable importance of this choice, and if Obama keeps tending down the centrist/Clinton road, our planet is doomed.

Clinton was a non event when it came to AGGRESSIVELY defending Mother Nature. His "charisma" was wasted on widening ozone holes, global warming, and the nonstop pollution of our skies, rivers, and food.

Did he do anything? Of course, ol' Bill always managed to do the bare minimum to keep himself out of major trouble, but was he an "environmental President"? In your dreams.

These last eight years have pushed the ecosystems of the earth VERY close to species (us!) extinction. This list is too horrific to dwell on (think New Orleans), but virtually every environmental scientist on planet Earth agrees that the Earth has NEVER been so raped and damaged in any eight years of American history.

So, now to Obama and his life and death environmental choice for what's left of the Earth in general, and more specifically, the high functioning ecological systems which are the biological hand of God for human beings.

Will he continue to appoint DLC types and 2006 "Democratic Congress" types (that congress of closet dem Republicans who their souls for probably considerably less than 30 pieces of silver)? In short, will he continue to make this a Clinton/Obama Administration?

The jury is very much out on this and millions of us are praying (or whatever) that Obama won't make fools out of his liberal/progressive base AGAIN. God knows, he’s already done it once when he metamorphosed from that liberal candidate into Mr. DLC/Centrist after we gave him his shot at the Presidency. However, (voila!) near the end of the Presidential campaign, here he was again, honoring the values and policies of progressives -- who ONCE AGAIN were responsible for his election success.

So is Obama doing his "catch me if you can” thing again by already setting an anti progressive tone to his presidency?

Many of us have a high regard for the Clintons. Indeed, many of us feel Hillary Clinton would be a great appointee to the Supreme Court if given a chance. But, there is simply no question that they are middle, middle, and nothing but middle (just like the DLC). And please NEVER forget that what the country now calls the "center" (thanks to the ironically combined efforts of Clinton and Bush!) is now about three standard deviations to the right of "used" to be” the political center eight years ago.

This is why the time has come to trash that continuum, or at least stand up and be counted as a passionate and VERY AGGRESSIVE liberal/progressive.

My God, it's already turning to 2006 again and the DLC and fascist Bush Republicans are doing another "slight of hand" and writing off American progressives and liberals (Obama's true base which is also now the "base of America").

What do you think? Will Obama appoint a patriotic progressive to ANY office? Or will progressive- contemptuous centrists keep “influencing” the rest of his decisions?

But back to the question of questions. Even if Obama has already sold much (most) of his soul to the DLC, will he AT LEAST turn his back on that (dem = pug = elites) world and rise to the challenge of defending the Earth?

Surly our one and only planet deserves an EPA head who will be a Sir Galahad for our mortally wounded planet.

So President Elect Obama, may I respectfully suggest that when you DO fill this ultimately important post, you do your thinking (and praying?) as far away from those "centrists" who have historically treated Mother Nature as a slut, not a lover.

This decision will define your place in history more than any other. Did you give thumbs up to the environment, or thumbs down? Keep in mind that thumbs down means a DLC/centrist-type appointee, i.e., someone who puts band aides on cancer.

If the human environment could talk, all we would be hearing is a near death rattle. In the name of God and the entire human species, THIS must be your appointment that 100% "transcends politics".

Republicans, so called "centrists" (not eight years ago!), the DLC, the Clintons, the elites -- a plague on all their houses.

For this decision, you must honor ONLY your conscience and intelligence. Any other "influence" will lead to the extinction of our species. We have very, very little time left to implement a hurricane of programs to heal and support our God given Earth and this will take an American Hero to passionately, rationally, and morally head the EPA.

No Brand X for the EPA. Only the best . . . or environmental suicide. The entire planet is holding it's breath to see if you vote thumbs up for our dying environment.