Thursday, November 6, 2008

Evil is defeated by ordinary people; not heroes or saints.

Sarah Palin has sold her soul. We saw her do it. She was a nobody from Alaska who suddenly found herself in the fast lane and metamorphosed very quickly (that's her most detestable quality -- she UNHESITATINGLY sold her soul), not just to be a rabble rouser or inciter to violence, but a very conscious manipulator of Barack Obama's assassination.

That glass, pinhead of hers conceals nothing. She is willing to pay ANY PRICE for more political power. She has no statesmanship, no substantive governmental experience, no patriotism, no morality, and at most a two digit IQ. In short, behind that leering, mannikin face is a veritable devil from hell. Even the swift boating of John Kerry stopped far short of Sarah Palin's attempt to fire up the pickup crazies to kill the "Muslin terrorist, Barack Obama.

She has become the quintessence of Republican/fascist evil. She IS the Republican Party, and not just at its worst, but at it's most typical, because Bush Family types have been killing liberals and Democrats for decades. These people are killers, or at least they find loose cannon psychopaths to carry out their wishes. And Sarah Palin was so easy to seduce. Just dangle at little power and notoriety in front of this twit and she's off and running to incite the assassination of whomever in the name of her toilet god (a god that kills endangered species animals and rapes and murders the human environment should be flushed).

Now John McCain is something else. In the first place, please note that no one ever talks about McCain until they FIRST talk about Sarah Palin. Hey who is who here? John Palin and Sarah McCain -- one body with two nauseatingly evil faces? You can't help getting the feeling these days that Palin has not only become a MAJOR detriment to McCain's war mongering campaign, she seems to be more in change of events than McCain. In fact, more and more it looks like poor old (literally!) John is turning out to be just a stepping stone to the politically psychotic ambitions of Palin. Hey, this woman/thing "digs" all that hate feedback in her whipped up audiences, and it increasingly looks like she is systematically trying to construct her very own personal "political hate base". Not for now, of course, but very possibly for the next presidential election.

Hey, is your life full of hate? Would you like to shoot people in the back? Do you think any shades of "browness" in other human beings is proof positive of their defectiveness? Do you have a dipstick god who wants to blow the Earth all to hell any day now? Then have we got good news for you! Sarah Palin ALSO thinks all those things and she wants a new and improved Republican Party that escalates the hate factor from at least a 5 (where is now) to a 10! And torchlight parades, why not? Her speeches clearly imply that the time has come to not just hate passively and silently, but to hate openly, collectively, and murderously. Long live the Queen of Hate.

Well, what to do about someone like this? First things first is to see her like she is; to see that behind those 20 year old glasses and hairdo is the face of pure evil.

So, what to do we do about pure evil human beings? The thing we have always done over the millennia, which is to keep the faith in love, intelligence, and spirituality. To keep the faith in GOODNESS. Palin has disappeared so far into the Heart of Darkness that if someone threw "holy water" on her, it would probably burn like fire.

But the background theme of this piece is that "keeping the faith" is ultimately our ONLY defense against the Sarah Palin's and John McCain's (with his eight houses while he despicably patronizes the working class).

McCain, in other ways, is just as evil as Palin. ALL his policies are aimed at keeping astronomically rich people astronomically rich people, plus he wants to be the Alzheimer’s God of War in his very own WW3. In short, he is a little, geezer, gnome who for all his life has kept his head up where the sun doesn't shine in the elites. And anyone who is a friend (or puppet) of the elites is (to say it religiously) an enemy of God, because this all goes back to the 6,000 year old Have and Have Not horror.

There are two things right now which most stand out about the elites:

(1.) The money cow oils wars in Iraq and Afghanistan whose SOLE purpose is to change billionaires into multi billionaires.

(2.) The obscene, economy-breaking, American infrastructure-destroying, and working class annihilating tax breaks for the elites.

The heart of this paper is, frankly, very difficult to put into words. Not because it's so profound and complex, but almost for just the opposite reason. There's a simplicity here which is so pure and down to Earth that it almost sounds too good to be true.

The subject is EVIL and how do we deal with it. At the risk of sounding wishful and abstract, it seems to this writer that we deal with it the way we have ALWAYS dealt with it --which is only secondarily the machinations of politics, however pragmatic they may be.

How ELSE can you deal with evil other than keeping the faith in that "other reality" of genuine love, compassion, and spiritual sanity? Politics yes, but politics will NEVER produce human goodness, and the absolute worst the Sarah Palin's and John McCain's can do to us is to poison our faith in the goodness and high sanity of human existence.

We've dealt with human filth many, many times over the millennia, and we were never "saved" from it by alleged heroes or saints. We always SAVED OURSELVES from it by keeping alive those spiritual, mystical fires which are the soul of human goodness.

ONLY goodness can conquer evil. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.