Friday, November 21, 2008

The core cancer of planet Earth is STILL the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict".

It's easy to forget that the lose/lose for all concerned Israeli/Palestinian horror show has been THE social cancer that has metastasized to the entire planet.

Basically everything negative and destructive that has been happening all over the planet for several decades is either directly or indirectly related to this archetypal failure of civilized human existence.

However, at least by now the entire planet understands the ONLY way to deal with this cancer is with diplomacy and compromise.

Remember those words: "diplomacy" & "compromise"? Unfortunately they were banished to another galaxy by the neocon cabal which was the dog that wagged the tail of American foreign policy for at least the last eight years.

Indeed, they disappeared down the same toilet as "accountably" and "justice".

Now President Elect Obama promised over and over again that his administration would "even handedly" deal the stinking mess of the Middle East.

However, so far he hasn't even thrown a bone to the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general. Thus, by default, the only implication is that his approach to the Middle East will be "recycling the old" militant approach, which his mandate emphatically VOTED AGAINST.

Mr Obama (you're not President yet), did you or did you not promise a dramatically different approach to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict ("conflict" -- such a disgusting euphemism)? Did we or did we not hear you talk about diplomacy and justice?

And speaking of which, what's the deal about the walking filth of Joe Lieberman? Does the DLC machine the pukes out right wing dems really think progressive Americans are duped into thinking this traitor to the Democratic Party and the United States of America is being "supported" because of the magic 60 number?

Good Lord, even barnyard animals know Lieberman will vote against dem programs more than any random pugs; thus, he is being supported for profoundly different reasons. Gee, I wonder what they could be? Couldn't have anything to do with some hard core deal making Obama made during the presidential campaign with the hard core ANTI diplomacy folks when it comes to the Middle East, could it?

A couple of weeks ago, in spite of some key appointments, it was still possible to think (pray!) that Obama would rise to the moral/rational challenge to start promoting a diplomacy approach to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict -- and the Middle East sewer in general.

But those days are past. Too many appointments are just recycled neocons. Too many appointments and comments, etc. are just party line DLC dems (remember 2006 Congress of DLC dem traitors?).

So long as Obama doesn't find the moral stature to be true to his campaign promises about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and an even handed approach to the Middle East in general, we are big time back in samo samo land.

And here we thought it was going to be John McCain who chained us to the dead and rotting past.

The tragedy is that virtually everything Obama has done to date is telling the world that nothing fundamentally will change about America's involvement in the Middle East.

And THAT means the militant cancer will just keep metastizing and metastizing and dragging the rest of the world (especially our profoundly damaged country) into this toilet straight to hell.

Will America EVER AGAIN honor words like diplomacy, justice, and accountably? Alas, so far the DLC/Obama Administration doesn’t seem to even know how to spell such words.

The heart breaking tragedy is so long as the healing oils of diplomacy and compromise are not poured on these lose/lose and limitlessly anguished troubled waters, the ENTIRE PLANET will never stop being held hostage to the putrescent Middle East.

Samo, samo.

Samo, samo.