Thursday, November 6, 2008

Impotent old men force young men into certain death wars.

First, we must acknowledge that many men in their 70’s and even 80’s have lived healthy and disciplined lives such that (with a little luck) they still have enviable health and at least some degree of sexual potency. And many of these men have converted their years of experience into the glow of wisdom and are a joy to be around. Godspeed to them.

However, there’s also the type of “senior” who finds hateful ways to revenge his loss of health and potency on defenseless young men.

John McCain continues to refuse to reveal his medical records for pitifully obvious reasons. For openers (so far as presidential candidates go), this guy is “elderly”. Hey, facts are facts, and lots of us already see signs of dementia.

But, let's not stop with John. How about the ultimate spider in the Bush/fascist web, i.e., Dick Cheney. No offense Dick, but you really come on like a dyspeptic walrus. That crooked sneer of yours bespeaks a locally dead nervous system . . . and how much of the rest of you is the walking dead?

And as a matter of fact, what's the deal about how seldom you appear in public? Do they have to work on you with makeup (and plastic surgery?) for weeks before they let you out into the streets?

Same with Karl Rove. The thing is, the people who have been calling all the shots for the Republican Party are mostly very old men who less and less even appear in public!

OK, now shoot me, but I'm going to bring up (pun not intended) a very delicate subject. What happens to many old men, shall we say, in the privates department? This is simply a neutral, medical question but it may VERY IMPORTANTLY explain why America’s young men are now being thrown into garbage disposal wars by sadistic geezers.

The name of this game is called "compensation". If you're a male and you've reached that stage in your life where impotency is a present or predictable medical condition, how do you handle this?

Well, it's as truism that over the centuries aging general types are never on the front lines and the life and death part of the war (not cocktails in tents -- or in one of the Cheney or McCain mansions), are always fought by potent and vital young men.

Ah, sweet compensation! Quoth the old guys who always start and make fortunes in their contrived money cow wars, "I may not be able to rise to the occasion with the ladies, but (snicker, snicker) I can sure as hell send those smart ass kids out in truckloads to be massacred -- and isn't that some kind of potency? At least I'm still here in my mansion; while those throw away bodies are rotting in the mud. So who has the last laugh after all?"

Let's face it; this is a matter that has haunted the human race for centuries. The sadistic seniors (especially the one's who have TOTALLY "past their prime") are always trying to find ways to symbolically "compensate" for their loss of health, youth, and potency.

Of course, war isn't the only manifestation of this; it's all over the place in institutional religions. Those geezers in gowns who have status can be creatively sadistic (in the name of God, of course) when it comes to manipulating the newbie’s. Frequently, it's the last gasp of sexual behavior, but more commonly it’s that hateful compensation thing again.

But back to the Republicans and the ultimate power figures in their party, e.g., McCain, Rove, Cheney, etc.

Is it really so implausible that Dick Cheney went WAY over the edge into dementia several years ago? And this is the guy who is the veritable God of America? Hey, could be that he drools and "soils himself" -- what do we know? What we DO know is that they keep him more hidden than Frankenstein. Hell, maybe he IS Frankenstein.

When he does appear in public, perhaps if we looked very closely we'd see a network of wires which move him around and keep him sitting, or standing, etc.

Anyway, many thanks to John McCain for reminding us that the United States of America is under the absolute control of a handful of very elderly men who are AT LEAST TWO GENERATIONS away from the burgeoning reality of American society.

Bottom Line: Aging men frequently compensate for impotency with astounding sadism on vulnerable and innocent young men. Specifically, the sadism of KILLING THEM by forcing them into immoral and meaningless wars.

Now, can there be any question that this is what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? Of course, there's other Heart of Darkness motives, like making billionaires, multi-billionaires in what the entire PLANET knows are simply money cow oil wars for the elites.

But for Cheney and his gaggle of geezers, this is a case of having your cake and eating it too, because IN ADDITION to leeching billions out of these pseudo wars, guess what (?), they get to kill off THOUSANDS of American young men at the prime of their life! Wow, is that a good deal or what? Jeez, the higher that death toll goes is the more very old men in Republican high places get to feel like "men" again.

When you get right down to it, even Freud know that Thanatos (death) was as important as Eros (sex), and many sexual psychopaths have gone on record that killing someone is even "better" than sex. I guess we’d have to ask Dick Cheney about that.

You know I can't help wondering if Cheney has a wall where he makes tick marks of our dead children.

Isn't it time to change our country back from sadistic Geezer Ville to the United States of America?