Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flash! Progressives know full well DLC "centrism" is a code word for elitist right wing dems.

Thanks to the combined efforts of George Bush (and Bill Clinton!) the "continuum" of political viewpoint is now totally meaningless. Indeed, the 2008 centrism of the DLC would have been VERY right wing eight years ago.

So, save the continuum nonsense for political TV sitcoms. Progressives and Liberals don't "compare" themselves to camouflaged right wingers -- dem or otherwise. We have our own compass and vision and our only commitment is to honor the will of the American people.

And speaking of the will of the American people, Barack Obama was elected assuming he would not immediately start morphing into an Obama/Clinton Presidency. We also assumed he would make appointments grounded in the factual, historical certainty that the ONLY hope for dealing with the Middle east metastasized cancer is with even-handed compromise and diplomacy.

However, with respect to the Middle East, things are starting off badly and so far diplomacy and compromise do not seem to be on the agenda.

The sad truth of the matter is that so far Obama hasn't even thrown a bone to the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general and this is NOT the will of the American people, but the will of . . . who? What deals did Obama make during the election to start off so one sidedly?

We thought he was going to be a man of peace and diplomacy, but you would be hard put to find anyone in the Muslim world who still has much optimism about that.

Of course, many appointments are still forthcoming and we can pray that President Elect Obama will "rise to the occasion" and be a passionate man of conscience and intelligence and transcend the fettering political deal making during the election.

Having said that, however, millions of Americans (certainly most progressives and liberals who supplied the political financing, effort, and infrastructure that actually elected Obama) are now deeply concerned that the DLC machine will continue to pump out more right wing dems so beloved by the fascist elites and that Obama will continue to give the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general the impression that the talk he talked during the election will absolutely not be the walk he walks AFTER the election.

The bottom line is that so far Obama seems to be consistently rejecting his base (and progressives, like it or not, ARE his base), as well as ignoring his promise to deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with diplomacy and compromise.

This is not a matter of not giving Obama a chance. More appointments notwithstanding, he IS being given that chance as we speak, but the specter of the DLC taking over EVERYTHING again is an agonizing and suicidal mistake (never forget that the DLC had it’s hand up the puppets of the 2006 Congress of dem traitors).

Lest we forget, this is exactly what we voted to LEAVE, i.e., to get away once and for all from these elite-sucking-up DLC centrists. We thought Obama was going to be a sort of "new deal" and a quantum jump into high rationality and ethics.

But so far, all we’re getting is a recycled DLC -- which is more than a tad ironic since we thought only John McCain would be chaining America AGAIN to the dead and rotting “past” this Presidential election gave Obama an overwhelming mandate to leave.