Sunday, December 14, 2008

A personal note to my friends (and otherwise).

This is a piece I've been soul searching about for the last few days. Don't worry, it's not going to be "true confessions" or anything particularly awkward, but it is going to be a very personal statement. However, even though it's going to about "personal issues", I'd like to think it will be useful to many folks in a variety of ways.

Lately I've written 2 or 3 pieces about the "tone" set by Obama's appointments to date. For me, they have been excessively right wing dems, even though it can be argued (from the polls, etc.) that the people whose passion, money, and elaborate infrastructure, created over several years, got Obama through the primaries and elected him President were progressives and moderates.

However, alas, anything remotely "left wing" is once again a dirty word, and several of Obama's appointments can't seem to let a day go by without trashing progressives.

So, lot's to be concerned about and, yes, a little outraged if you believe that Obama's collective "team" (now nearly totally completed) is far to the right of the people who elected him.

Of course to be fair, the bigger picture of this is the fundamental tragedy of America, i.e., that "both" of our political parties are far to the right of the vast majority of American citizens and voters. Indeed, millions of Americans now realize that it's absurd to talk about our "two party" system, since the 2006 dem congress proved once and for all that practically all dem members of this congress were/are closet Republicans who slavishly obeyed Bush's slightest whims about EVERYTHING.

But, having said just a few things about some contemporary political issues, may I go back to the personal "sharings"?

Like most even moderate Americans, I have been increasingly horrified by watching the murder of our Constitutional Republic,the gestalt of ecosystems necessary for human existence, the American economy, and most of all the slaughter of our children in the Bush/Cheney money cow oil wars for the elites which have already murdered tens (hundreds?) of thousands of innocent human beings (with the standard percentage of children).

And gradually, gradually I began to write pieces which tried in some small way to rise the challenge of ATTACKING these pug/fascist devils from hell (who the 2006 dem congress showed were equally bought and paid for dems).

The more I ceased to "repress" the political events of the Bush years, is the more I found myself overtaken with moral/rational outrage. I don't know what other word to use. What other word "could" be used, when witnessing such utter, cancerous evil? If religion is right about the "anti-Christ", who better fits that identity than Dick Cheney?

I guess I'm fading in and out in this writing, moving from the "personal" to the political/factual, so I hope you will be patient with me.

I think the MAIN thing I'm struggling to put into words is that as I ceased to repress the agonizing reality of corporate fascism combined with religious fanaticism, I found a voice that was in a kind of permanent "attack mode". Now I don't apologize for that; indeed, I consider it one of the high moral/rational peaks of my life that I dared to take on these monsters with the full force of patriotic rage.

I often got into trouble with my total commitment to fight the good fight (and the word is spelled F I G H T!), and found myself increasingly alone with many of the pieces. My take on that is that, say, two years ago, it was almost as if you had to take your life into your hands in order to acquire ramming speed as you crashed into the neocon/fascist juggernaut. Thus, even though many comments were overjoyed that certain monstrous things were finally being put into words, I suspect (and it's only a suspicion) that sometimes the responses were thin because of raw and totally realistic fear.

After all, these ultimate criminals had almost certainly murdered Senator Paul Wellstone, sent anthrax in the mail to only high profile democrats, kept slaughtering our children in their money cow oils wars, and MOST OF ALL, almost certainly engineered 9/11 -- with a little help from their Saudi friends, since the Saudi Royal Family and Bush Royal Family are joined at the hip (as are Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush).

"Attack mode" is the operate phrase here, and it's exactly what I want to talk to you about now.

After a couple of pieces about my reservations about Obama's appointments (which continue to worry me), some of the feedback (and I thank you for it) jiggled me into the awareness that basically EVERYTHING I had been writing was "locked" into attack mode. Hence, my comments about Obama, etc., were still in that mode as well.

Now the personal part of this is that after much soul searching, I realized that this formerly kick ass and courageous (if I may say so) style of writing was inappropriate and even probably counter productive when writing about any "reservations" about Obama's appointments, because the "anger" was excessive to the content.

But here I hope my Op-Ed friends will forgive the ongoingness of attack mode writing after it had already served its purpose. It's like I was coming back from the political trenches, in which I was literally "warring" (albeit verbally) with the Bush/elite/psychopaths and religious fanatics.

Please understand that it takes a little "chilling out" when you crawl back from the front lines and find yourself in a fundamentally different world. And the world I am struggling to crawl back to is simply no longer the world where Cheney was King of America for eight straight years.

So if my aggressiveness in a few earlier pieces about Obama and his appointees seemed counterproductively "over the top", I now publicly acknowledge that I agree with you, and that I am taking to heart what I'm now putting into words and will still fight the good fight as always, but will escalate to attack mode only for exceptional issues.

Believe it or not, I still basically like and trust President Elect Barack Obama and I also agree that I need to give him more time and space to be true to himself.

As an aside, I am now less worried about many of his appointees because, unlike Bush who was a puppet waiting for a hand to be stuck into him (e.g., Cheney and the neocon cabal of American traitors), Obama seems to be sufficiently grounded and centered that he's too "strong" to be puppetized and will hopefully, albeit gradually, emerge as a political force of nature who will be at least slightly (hopefully more!) more pragmatically left of center than, say, the DLC Clinton machine.

Well, I was all over the place with this one, and if you stayed with me I thank you. I'm certainly not going to throw out my political attack mode, but I will save it only for things like 9/11 and the growing evidence that the elites have long been escalating their class war into what is now an amazingly open genocidal attempt to "wean" the working classes.

Just a sample of this is the presence of poisonous foods EVERYWHERE, due to systematically removed governmental protections, Bush's conscious murder of New Orleans by steadily allowing the levees to fail, the systematic degeneration of our atmosphere, rivers, and lakes into toxic tragedies, once again due to the nearly total removal of America's environmental protections. And oh yes, relatedly, the dumbing down of American citizens by a wholesale dismantling of America's educational systems and the virtual under funding out of existence of what once upon a time (now over!) was the cutting edge of American science.

In short, the elites clearly think they need to "wean" the middle and lower classes of America, which is reminiscent of the forced inoculations of Africans by European agencies which is indubitably related to the sudden epidemic of aids. Too many blacks for certain malevolent European whites?

Lastly, the 2006 congress of dem/pug Bushiviks, has once and for all made it crystal clear that even Bush and the Republican Party are now and never have been the true "causes" of America's political system/prision; rather our congress (with some rare and courageous exceptions which prove the rule) is simply a seething mass of elite "tentacles”.

So, bottom line, the old words still say it best. The tragedy of America and the entire planet is still the 6,000 year old one-sided conflict between the "Haves" (who always win) and the "Have Nots" (who always lose). Yes, the wacko religious fanatic’s come in and out of this in usually temporary and minor ways, but the true Heart of Darkness is still that ancient conflict between the fundamentally defenseless and the 1 or 2 % of national/international vampire elites.

Hence, the attack mode is still 100% appropriate for things like 9/11 and the satanic elites (with their increasingly obvious genocidal agendas), but I've decided its100% inappropriate for tracking the emerging Presidency of Barack Obama, on which I will still occasionally comment, but NOT in attack mode. Indeed, hopefully if and when I do address Obama issues, it will be to reinforce the positive.

In short, I've decided that many of you were right and I should give Obama more of a chance, and if I significantly added any tension or stress to your life by those earlier pieces, I'm truly sorry for that since the whole point of these internet town hall meetings is ultimately one of community and the working out of realist strategies to save America and the Earth from the never-ending elitist strategies of infinite greed.

However, to keep the Bush's, Saudi's, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller's, Murdoch's, etc. (i.e., the collective human cancer of literal God's and Goddess’s of our one and only planet) from dragging the human species into extinction, there is NO LIMIT to attack mode.

So even though I’m still a committed “progressive” (increasingly I think these appellations do more harm than good, don’t you?), and still believe the ONLY two party system in America is between the American Dictatorship of the Rich (vs) what hopefully one day will be a full blown Progressive Party which finally expresses the true will of the American people (not the multi millionaire and multi billionaire elites), this is one liberal who will henceforth back Obama to the limit.

Partly because I still just “like” the guy, but more importantly because I fear the greatest adversary of President Elect Obama isn’t going to be the Republican Party per se, but a Congress of elite dem/pug puppets who will fight him at every turn, and for this oncoming fight for America’s soul, I plan to mount the barricades for our symbol of hope -- Barack Obama.

We should never forget what a hate filled congress did to Jimmy Carter.