Monday, January 8, 2007

The Neocon Lobby is Back!

There's several ways to say this.

What counts in life is not to make mistakes, but to LEARN FROM our mistakes.

Said differently, in pre and post 9/11, the neocon lobby (i.e., Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, the American Enterprise Institute, etc.) became the dog which wagged the tail of American foreign policy.

Specifically, they buried American foreign policy in quicksand Middle Eastern wars which the vast majority of Americans (and all the polls are absolute about this) are now convinced have NOTHING TO DO with our national security.

Indeed, to the contrary, the same polls show most Americans see these Bush/AEI wars as dangerously weakening our national security.

An image which comes to mind is that of a dingbat dealing with a hornets nest in the corner of a screened in porch by trying to knock it down with a broom. Duh. Result, hornets everywhere -- and 3000 plus dead Americans heroes.

Please count to 3000 slowly. It will break your heart. One wonders if the American Enterprise Institute can count to 3000.

OK, now to the moral. This neocon lobby has already trashed our country in a thousand different ways, so shame on them.

But if we allow this secretive lobby to DO IT AGAIN, then shame on us!

And of course that's exactly what they are trying to do, as the recent Kristol/Kagan paper indisputably shows, since these are the core cheerleaders of the throw-good-money-after-bad "surge" policy that Bush is muttering about.

My fellow Americans (as Lyndon Johnson used to say), this neocon lobby has had its way with American foreign policy far too long. It's not surprising that their influence of George Bush has been extreme, since evidently there's quantities of empty space in our president's skull, but the time has come to take a long, hard look at these particular neocons.

Lots of questions.

Just who are these people? And what is their agenda, i.e., their deep and long term agenda? To be fair, their policies have been tested and retested, and the jury has long since judged them to be 100% flawed. God in heaven, EVERYONE hates us now, and these Bush/AEI Wars are literally (and rapidly) bankrupting our economy.

In short, nothing but tragedy, failure, and virtual genocide has come from the advice of these men.

So, why are we still listening to them? And how to we get their hands out of the George Bush puppet?

Bottom line, this all full circles back to the REAL scene of the crime, which was when George Bush sold his soul to Paul Wolfowitz and company.

So once again, what is the deep agenda of this neocon lobby, since it is self evidently indifferent (history is history!) to the well being, economy, and honor of our now tragically wounded Constitutional Republic.