Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bush isn't an exception; he's simply the rule writ large

It's finally obvious to barnyard animals that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich.

Is this Bush's doing? No, he's just an idiot front man who got so greedy that the vampire rich have been dragged out into the daylight. Practically all countries are dictatorships of the rich; we're no exception. Less than 1% of the country has always had the rest of us cleaning their commodes. Look at who's getting all the munificent tax breaks. Texas energy company profits have gone up an obscene SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT. And on and on. This is simply the business as usual totalitarianism of Bush/Saudi, etc., Royal Families.

Religious fanatics are now the number one threat to planet Earth, since they always see nature as a motel in which to act out their salvation/damnation sitcoms.

Is this Bush's doing? No, he just the King nutcase in an army of nutcases who have contaminated human civilization from stone axes on. But here again, the presidential office has put this pathetic lunacy under a public microscope and suddenly we realize that America is crawling with Armageddon dingbats -- which is good to know. If you've got cancer, it's good to know you've got cancer. At least that way you have a chance of doing something about it.

And speaking of cancers, there's the endless Israeli/Palestinian "conflict". Did Bush create this horror? No, but he certainly worsened it when he sold America's soul to Paul Wolfowitz and company. Let's face it; the neocon lobby was a ticking time bomb long before the last two stolen Presidential elections. Even then they were well on its way to being the dog which has ever since been wagging the tail of American foreign policy.

But considering their nonstop string of failures, tragedies (3,000 plus dead American heroes), and the ongoing bankruptcy of the American economy, one is compelled to wonder for whom the neocon lobby is lobbying, since they historically (facts are facts) haven't represented the wishes, well being, or national security of the United States of America.

The point is this sewer of Bush/Republican politics didn't begin with George W. Bush. Traitorous neocons (with variable names), religious fanatics, and (most of all) the vampire rich have always been with us, like bacteria and cancer.

Seen thus, Bush is just a festering boil of this underlying irrational and immoral putrescence.

So what to do, what to do?

It always comes back to that, doesn't it? Or at least it should always come back to that.

Perhaps more than anything else, it’s life and death that we see it like it is. We need to come out of denial about what George Bush is a symptom OF, because dealing with symptoms merely perpetuates the disease. And make no mistake, the pig rich are fully cognizant of this and are only too happy to watch their suckers and servants reshuffle the candy ass political deck.

Over the centuries wonderfully wise and compassionate people keep reminding us that FUNDAMENTAL change only comes from FUNDAMENTAL awareness.

And fairy tales notwithstanding, neocons have unAmerican agendas, America is now and always has been a Dictatorship of the Rich, and religious fanatics are certifiably insane.

This is called beginning where we are.