Monday, January 1, 2007

The Christian Right and the Political Left should get married!

You can't be serious, you say!

Please, let's just look at this. It may sound off the wall, but the times they are a changin' and God knows (see, we can talk like that too) we need all the help we can get from our neighbors to save our dying country.

The Christian Right has the same dilemma that all so called right wing organizations have, whether it's in Israel, Palestine, or your country (or religion) of choice, namely that the frenzied extremists always presume to speak for everyone. And to be fair, many folks in the Christian Right probably think the same thing about what for them are extremists of the left.

For Christian Right extremists, television evangelists come to mind -- you know, the ones who always say GAWduh instead of God, and CHEEzuz instead of Jesus.

But what if these are just a handful of people with dishonorably obtained funds who have their own television shows? The moment of truth question should be are these successful religious/political (sexist?) businessmen the true voice of the Christian Right?

It's now fairly common knowledge that many Christians (right, left, whatever) were suckered into supporting a Middle Eastern foreign policy which has emphatically turned out to be NOT in America's national interest (policies engineered by a coterie of advisors, headed up by Paul Wolfowitz -- remember Mr. Smug?).

Former President Jimmy Carter (an openly avowed Evangelical Christian), is ethics and kindness incarnate and certainly positive proof that liberals and progressives can respect and work with people of the so called Christian Right.

The thing is, WHAT DO PROGRESSIVES HAVE IN COMMON with the Christian Right?

How about the following?

Once you subtract off the handful of multi millionaire television evangelist types, you have people, whatever may be their political persuasion, who take the teachings of Jesus Christ deeply seriously! Christianity has always had room for multiple denominations and beliefs, and surely they/we ALL agree that the United States of America should NOT be a Dictatorship of the Rich, as it unquestionably now is. The Bush/Saudi Royal Family's are making suckers and servants out of all the rest of us (the 99%), and that includes the Religious Right and the Political Left EQUALLY!

Indeed, it's possible that there's not one group of Americans who are as rejecting and suspicious of the "money changers" Jesus WHIPPED OUT OF THE TEMPLE as our grass roots Christian neighbors. Then they were called money changers; now they're called an international network of vampire elites, and they dominate ALL Middle Eastern countries (no exceptions!) just as much as they dominate American national and foreign policy.

Hence, the Christian Right probably has every bit as much moral contempt for these cold blooded, astronomically rich elites as do progressives and liberals. Said differently, the lower and middle classes of America are still being bled dry by the only people Jesus openly abhorred, i.e., the pig, pig rich.

We should never, never forget that Jesus' loving heart supremely went out to the poor in spirit and pocket. Imagine this compassionate man hanging out at a Bush/Republican country club or at a board of directors meeting of a Texas energy corporation (the companies whose profits have gone up SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT during the Bush/Saudi years).

Self evidently, for the Bush/Republicans, MONEY (not Jesus) is God, and the Bush Family is merely a greed lusting collection of 3rd millennia Pharisees.

To borrow a turn of phrase, George W. Bush talks the Christian talk, but he doesn't walk the Christian walk.

And the Christian walk is the walk of the middle and lower classes of all countries -- which is basically the same walk as America's liberals and progressives.

So how ironic, that in spite of the unspeakable and hypocritical atrocities committed by George Bush in the name of Christianity (e.g., his Middle Eastern designer crusades and oil thievery), Jesus Christ is now and always has been the true and loving interface between the Religious Right and the Political Left!

So Americans, Christians, Liberals, and Conservatives, to the extent we all share the same values and are fighting the same good fight, let's come together as a nation and save our dying country from these money changing, vampire elites who are draining the blood of our Constitutional Republic,

God Bless America