Sunday, May 25, 2008

Look up! Sea birds of America's resurrection are everywhere!

Compare where we are now to eight years ago, or four years ago, or even to one year ago.

Sometimes things happen so slowly it's easy to miss them, but where we are NOW is light years away from most of these last eight years.

Bush is back in exactly the same toilet he was before 9/11! Look at the polls. Most people think he's mangling America (certainly the middle and lower classes). Which, of course, he is. Arguably, no man in the history of the world is responsible for so much global misery as this virtual anti-Christ of the early 3rd millennia. Not only in the sense of Muslim genocide but also in the sense of the rape and murder of Mother Nature which is affecting BILLIONS of people.

But now we can openly say these things. Millions and millions of Americans (and Earthlings) are now convinced that 9/11 was absolutely an "inside job" (aided and abetted by our number one "ally"). This isn't tin hat stuff anymore; rather it's a growing tsunami of scientific and historical facts and studies. 9/11 didn't just "happen" to us; it was planned and engineered by American traitors, and financed, as always, by international vampire elites.

And oh yes, now we know all about the elites. We have FINALLY "grown up" enough as a country to realize that 0.05% of America is treating all the rest of us like cattle. They wean us and poison our food and double our work loads. It isn't even a "class war", since they've got all the power and pseudo laws.

But the difference is that now we KNOW this, just like we KNOW that 9/11 was engineered by Bush/Republicans (and pseudo Democrats), just like we KNOW that global warming (etc., etc.) is completely avoidable, but since it works to the temporary advantage of the fascist Bushsheviks, it will only get worse and worse.

But perhaps the biggest seabird of American rebirth is Barack Obama. God bless and protect this man from innuendo murderers like the Clintons.

And here's the biggie. The grace that's finally pouring back into our country is that Barack Obama is a symptom and expression of values and policies that used to define America. He's the tip of an iceberg of massive, massive change.

Just as he modestly said the other day, he's standing on the shoulder's of Teddy Kennedy . . . and MILLIONS of passionate progressive Americans. The Clinton's are political cancer, but the Clinton's no longer have a national wave to catch. For them, it's over. No more Bush Democrats. That wave has come and gone and Hillary can make as many puss drenched remarks as she likes, but we now know she's a psychopathic clown just like Bush himself (Bush in a dress?).

The super, super positive thing I'm trying to say (and thank you for your patience) is that Barack Obama is not a random event. Rather he's a symptom of who and what America has become and is still becoming. God bless him for being the tip of a mountain, but God bless us for being that mountain.

The Bush neocon juggernaut is dead and now only weakly answers to the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing -- whose acronym lobbies seem increasingly worried these days.

See, we ALSO know and can talk about the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, i.e., those "advisors" of Bush whose Likud Party type agendas for the last eight years have been murdering our children, economy, constitution and the fragile ecosystem of planet Earth. But these people have never given a rat's ass about the well being and safety of the United States of America. But not for much longer . . .

Because if you look up, you will see seabirds of national change everywhere. Bush is being vetoed, 9/11 is considered an inside job even by the families whose loved ones were killed. Texas energy corporations are being congressionally investigated (just look their executives teeth dripping with the blood of America), and the un-American neocons are increasingly naked.

Listen to the national outrage about Hillary's innuendo assassination of Obama and no brain McCain doesn't seem to be taken seriously even by barnyard animals.

Seabirds from the mountain and with or without traitor Hillary, this mountain, like a volcano emerging from an ocean, is going to be the rebirth of our beloved Constitutional Republic.

Keep the faith. One way or another, this race is already won. The political pendulum has already swung back and our prayers are being answered.

God bless and protect Barack Obama, the next President of the United States, and God bless us all everyone (quoth Tiny Tim).