Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary-Assassination-Seed one ups Johnny Apple Seed.

Hmmm. Now let's think about this. A few days before Hillary-Assassination-Seed began sowing her seeds, we kept hearing about the possibility that she might be the Vice Presidential candidate with Barack Obama.

The idea didn't seem to have a lot of support (or maybe it did and we just didn't know it), but apparently it WAS a possibility considered very seriously by certain movers and shakers.

And then suddenly Hillary starts sowing her seeds.

Happy seeds for her since they raise the possibly of “defeating” Obama by electing him and then (let's see, what was that word?) oh yes, the assassination word.

Wow, would that be an end run to end all end runs or what?

Look, in all seriousness, that's a word that should NEVER have come out of the mouth of the Clinton camp. Do we or do we not know that our country is still populated with violent white supremacists and is it or is it not the case that Bill/Hillary just can't seem to shut up these days about racism, racism, and more racism?

So, how about NOT throwing gasoline on what is already is blazing fire. Remember the recent Huckabee assassination "jokes" in front of the NRA?

How about not sowing seeds into the "Let's assassinate another Presidential candidate" camp? How about not sowing seeds into the "Let's assassinate another black hero camp". And how about not sowing seeds into the "Let's assassinate another President" camp?

Of course, none of these scenarios were explicitly stated by "the Clintons" (two bodies, one psyche)? No, they were not, but that's the thing about seeds, isn't it? They just have to be tossed about there and, gee, who knows what will happen.

"Food for thought", that's the phrase that exactly fits her remarks, "food for thought" - - and we bloody well know it.

Under certain conditions, "saying certain things" can be a mortal sin (to borrow a Catholic theologism). And this wasn't a gaffe or a goof, this was a moral sin whopper.

Let's pray it hasn't impregnated folks who for whom precisely such food for thought is tasty indeed.

God Bless and protect Barack Obama, our next President of the United States.