Monday, May 19, 2008

The United States of XXXXXXX the radical Israeli right wing

Every country has a right to influence other countries within the limits of a level playing field, but Joe Lieberman's antics of late remind us that the United States of America for the last eight years has been a tail wagged by Israel's Likud Party types.

Who cares about the acronyms, the bottom line is that from the year 2000 on, America stopped belonging to Americans. If the average American really took in this fact, one wonders what would be the result. From Wolfowitz on, the so called neocons have NEVER been concerned with the well being and national security of the United States of America; rather their umbilical cords are directly and only connected with the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing.

Of course this is all "justified" in the name of lobbies, but lobbies aren't supposed to DICTATE the foreign policy of other countries.

None of this is complicated. The facts are legion and despicable and nearly all of Bush's "advisors" have been dragging our bleeding and now nearly bankrupt country straight to hell.

If the neocons had ANY positive concern for The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, why is our country in every way going down for the third time? Indeed, since we ARE going down for the third time 100% because of their “leadership”, so much for their positive concern. Apparently these Likud Party type advisors don't give as rat's ass about America for Americans, but only America as a puppet for the militant, self centered agendas of extremist right wing Israeli's.

No connection should be made here between the political obsessions of these Israeli extremists and either the Jewish Community of the State of Israel in general. This has nothing to do with culture or the complex state of Israel, containing as it does, the Labor Party, as just one example of policies and values far more liberal than what's left of our Democratic Party.

No, the focus is only and specifically on the lunatic fringe right wing of Israel. However, the infinite tragedy is that it just this relatively small combination of religious fanatics and vampire rich banker politicians who have totally taken over America's State and Defense Departments. Many of them also brag (probably correctly) that they pull the strings of nearly all forms of the American media.

Astoundingly, Israel in the only country in the world where Bush's popularity is around 66%.

When you compare that to the toilet numbers he is getting in the United States of AMERICA, it is clear where his loyalties lie.

We have the absolutely insane situation of a President, nearly all of whose advisors are committed to another country, and who is himself with his Baptist Big Bang Armageddon lunacies ALSO committed to another country.

And here all this time we thought this was the United States of America.

If we paraphrase Jesus' dictum, “Ye shall judge them by their poll numbers” then hell will freeze over 25 times before George W. Bush gets a 66% vote of confidence from Americans. Maybe that's because, for us, this isn’t the United States of the radical Israeli right wing.

One thing is certain, until we TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK from Bush and his "advisors" and return America to Americans, the American Dream will continue to be flushed down Middle Eastern toilets.