Friday, June 13, 2008

Is this the beginning of the bounce after hitting bottom?

Are we being rolled out of intensive care back to health? Forgive the metaphors, but it’s hard to talk about immensity any other way.

The agony of our country has many parts:

(1.) The dead center of everything is the neocon cabal which has hijacked our country for the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing. Call the author anything you like, BUT MOST OF AMERICA KNOWS THIS IS TRUE. The Likud Party nut case religious fanatics and billionaires of Israel's right wing extremists have totally dominated our foreign policy for the last eight years (actually more).

(2.) 9/11! This will be the watershed event of America since the Civil War. The depths of this treason are sunk into bottomless hell. The Bush/Republicans didn't just "screw up"; they almost certainly facilitated the event. Literally hundreds of sites on the net are burgeoning with facts, scientific analysis, and hundreds of observations which powerfully indicate this event was not only "allowed", it was ENGINEERED. And by whom? Well, who was in office and who were they answering to? Questions, questions, questions of national/international treason . . .

(3.) Money cow oil wars for America's vampire rich, fought, of course, with our cannon fodder children for Cheney/Halliburton vampires of greed. The gap between the pig, pig rich and what's left of America's middle and lower classes has never been so great. America is now unequivocally a Dictatorship of the Rich, ruthlessly defended (from us!) by what is now an Elite Police State.

(4.) The utter soul selling of America's news media and "entertainment" industry. A few heroes and exceptions prove the rule, but otherwise it’s all follow the money. And the money trail leads where? To the neocon acronyms, of course, that are now America's masters.

(5.) The rape and murder of Mother Nature during the last eight years and trashing of most of our hard and heart won environmental protections is heartbreaking beyond words. It's also a recipe for Homo sapien extinction.

This list, sadly, could go on and on, but the big idea is that as a nation we are dying. This is no exaggeration. Our Constitutional Republic, as stated above, has been in intensive care.

We all know the feeling. The feeling that international vampire elites and religious psychopaths have bonded with American Nazi like fascists to engineer a literal coup d'etat in our country.

We have been living in national chaos and agony since Bush came to power (not in the stolen year 2000 Presidential election, but after the treasonous 9/11 infamy). Bush was in the political toilet "before" the timely 9/11, but then he got to play the game which is finally showing signs of pulling him back into the hell he crawled out of.

May I use a dated word and say that the "vibes" of where we are now are significantly different. You see, I want this piece to be a song of hope. Things are being said all over the net which were taboo before. Are we FINALLY getting our second wind? Are we finally acknowledging that 9/11 was infinite treason? Are we finally acknowledging that our foreign policy has been a tail wagged by the Israeli right wing for the last eight years. Are we finally demanding that we get our media back (in any case, we have the net, so screw this army of Judas').

The United States of America has not only been in intensive care; we have virtually been in a coma of despair, loss, and murder of our children in Bush Oil Wars. We have basically lost EVERYTHING!

. . . but here we still are. Here you are and here I am, still breathing, still fighting the good fight, and suddenly much more aggressively setting the stage for the biggest political/social/patriotic SMACK DOWN of local and international evil for the last several millennia.

There's a good time coming and it ain't so far away.

The seabirds from the continent of justice and rationality are increasingly filling the sky.