Friday, June 13, 2008

Prettified speech notwithstanding, where do Hillary's loyalties lie?

Too much water (e.g., racism, sexism, assassination innuendos, and kudos for McCain, etc., etc.), have passed under the bridge in the last year or two to suddenly regard Hillary as even a team player for the Democratic Party, much less a committed supporter of Barack Obama.

Hillary, exactly like her husband, is an archetypal politician (ugh!), which means zero commitment to values, morality, and the American Constitution, and 100% commitment to the "Clinton Me". This pair of egomaniacal game players with the American institutional soul have been the other side of the evil coin of Bush/Republican fascism from day one.

Hillary has been the incarnation of the Republican/Democrat, without whom the neocon cabal could never have stolen our country. We must never forget that (a.) Hillary has always danced to the strings of the neocon cabal, and (b.) the neocon cabal has always danced to the strings of the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing.

And these Hillary/cabal policies have led us where? To two oil wars, for openers, which are costing us BILLIONS, into which we keep pouring our cannon fodder children (never forget Hillary's voting record on these money cow wars for America's vampire rich!). Also Christmas tax breaks for America's elites and back breaks for the rags of what is left of our middle and lower classes. Again, check out her voting record "against" the middle and lower classes. The mutual adoration society between Hillary and our 0.05% astronomically rich is putrid to behold.

Hillary keeps bragging about her feminist supporters (gee, isn't that called sexism?), but probably the greatest tragedy of all is the fact that when we finally had a shot at a woman in the highest office, it turned out to be Hillary Clinton, who is an absolute contradiction and disgrace to all the values of the Goddess. Yes, yes, YES, America needs "Goddess energy", but Hillary probably set that vision back at least a decade, with her groveling racism and Clintonian "victory at any cost".

Simply put, the Clinton's DLC (because it was their toy) has always been part of our national problem, never the solution. It was a Clinton invention and lived where the sun doesn't shine in the Bush/Republican body politick. Ol' smiley Bill was always sucking up to the elites and "readjusting" the Democratic Party into closet Republicans. And like husband, life wife, Hillary was doing the same.

So, our work is cut out for us. Yes, we must come together as a nation to rid ourselves of these Republican Nazi-like fascists, but it's going to be a high wire act to allow Hillary into the policies and appointments of these next several months.

Realistic pragmatics, compromise, and positive judgment calls, yes, by all means. But realism includes not forgetting precisely those people who have betrayed (over and over again) those values and policies where "talking the talk" means NOTHING, and walking the walk means EVERYTHING.

We haven't come this far by being gullible fools.