Friday, February 2, 2007

Why is it OK to challenge the American right wing, but never the Israeli right wing?

All countries have a political spectrum that runs from left, middle, to right. It's oversimplified of course, but we know what it means.

For example, we speak of the Christian Right and the extreme right wing of the Republican Party -- which the (Republican) Nelson Rockefeller once called the "lunatic fringe".

It's planetary common knowledge that the neocon lobby has values and policies which, shall we say, "echo" the values and policies of the Israeli (usually Zionist) right wing.

It's also planetary common knowledge that the foreign policy of the United States of America became a tail wagged by the dog of the neocon lobby in the year 2000 when our illegal "president" George W. Bush sold America's soul to Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and company, i.e., the neocon lobby.

From that day on, it's been hard to figure out the name of the capital of our county, since it certainly stopped being Washington D.C.!

Over the last six years, we have been very gradually working up the courage and political muscle to take our country back from the Bush/Republican coup d'etat.

When these scum controlled EVERYTHING (including the Judas media), we had to proceed one step at a time; however, the 2006 midterms were a mandate to keep fighting the good fight to keep our American Ship of State from being scuttled by corporate fascism, religious fanaticism . . . and the neocon lobby (which certainly isn’t lobbying for the well being and national security of the United States of America).

Well, we're doing reasonably well with the fascists and fundamentalists, but the neocon lobby is still getting away with murder. Paul Wolfowitz, for example, is now effectively living on another planet and thus never has to answer to anything.

So what's the deal? Why is the neocon lobby getting a free pass? And why don't we widely acknowledge the self evident fact that Israel, like every other country on the planet, has a virulent right wing?

Ironically, just like America, their right wing (a.) doesn't represent the majority of the country, but (b.) currently has the country by the throat.

The parallel is almost exact, especially the religious fanatics who see themselves as having a mission from God (which one?), and are true believers in such barbarisms as "might makes right", and "the end justifies the mean". Hence, Israeli and/or American right wingers are indifferent to such niceties as Constitutions, rules of law, and the common good.

The real issue, however, isn't the internal dynamics of another sovereign nation. We have enough to worry about with our own lunatic fringe without being overly concerned with Israel's. We can, however, wish Godspeed to Israeli progressives and moderates, as they are almost surely wishing Godspeed to us.

No, the issue here is why and how does the neocon lobby have such limitless power and influence in OUR country? And what can American citizens realistically do about it?

We should be very, very clear that taking our country back means MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, taking our country back from the incestuous marriage between the un American neocon lobby and our pinhead, fascist/fundamentalist president.