Monday, February 19, 2007

Keeping the Faith

After the year 2000 Presidential election, it felt like we had fallen into a dark and terrifying pit. That, as we all remember, was the year the Bush/Republicans criminally stole their first Presidential election. Then, in 2004, they stole that election as well. According to the exit poll international standard for voter fraud, John Kerry is now unequivocally President of the United States.

We are dealing with magnitudes of evil our country has never experienced since the middle of the 20th Century when the Nazi 3rd Reich attempted to conquer the world. But by their open and repeated admissions, the fascist/fundamentalist Republican Party has exactly the same ambition.

When George Bush sold his soul to Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and company, our foreign policy became a tail wagged by the dog of the another country (i.e., the Likud Party), and from that day own we have watched with agonized eyes the systematic dissolution of our country.

However, we already know about these betrayals and atrocities, so may I talk to my American brothers and sisters from my heart? Because (as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be), only our hearts and spirits can save us from the quicksand of despair.

Yes, the 2006 midterms were a baby step in the right direction, but one step forward can't cancel out the 20 steps backward our tragically wounded country has taken during the Bush Family's treasonous attack on our Constitutional Republic.

We should certainly have no illusions that after 2006 things are going to get significantly better. The Democratic Congress is still walking around in diapers and cowardly betraying the mandate of the 2006 elections. Our country cried out at the ballot box and also in poll after poll, but the Democratic Congress is not listening. Their token photo ops and toothless bills mean next to nothing.

Hence, as always, it's up to us -- meaning it's up to our hearts and spirits to keep our Ship of State from going down for the third time.

So, let's not talk about politics, since politics is the bone American elites throw to their suckers, servants, and tax cows, i.e., us.

Sometimes in life the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are so maiming and overwhelming (like now!) that we have to step back into the soul of our lives and seek nourishment and healing from these living, spiritual waters.

This can be prayer, of course, and lots of it, but it can also be meditation (are they really so different?), but WHATEVER we call it, it isn't looking for fairy tale political miracles.

Rather, it is keeping the faith that our hearts and spirits can "somehow" rise to the challenge of the metastasized cancer which is killing all that is good, kind, and sane in America.

The lines of battle are clearly drawn. This is a life and death fight between Good and Evil. Said religiously, George Bush is the anti Christ of the 3rd millennia. Said psychologically, the Republican Party is an army of psychopaths. Said nationalistically, the Republican Party is the rebirth of the Nazi Party in America. Said financially, it is now heart breakingly clear that the United States of America is now and always has been a Dictatorship of the Rich. Not to see these things is not to see the sun.

Against such dimensions of evil only spirituality can hold the line. Not wishful thinking spirituality, but spirituality which is grounded in the iron nobility of truth and love.

We must not, we must not, we must not despair. To the degree that we despair, evil has won. To the degree that we despair, Republican greed vampires will bleed us dry. To the degree that we despair, we dishonor our wise and courageous forefathers. To the degree that we despair, Mother Nature will continue to be raped and murdered by Texas energy companies.

Politics is merely a symptom of matters of the heart and a country that has lost its faith is already dead.

So, my dear American brothers and sisters, let's KEEP that faith! Let's hold hands around whatever spiritual fires we can keep burning during this long night of Bush/Republican Evil.