Monday, February 19, 2007

How many "literal" Nazis are running the Bush/Republican Party?

After WW2, members of the Nazi Party were scattered all over the earth. Argentina was probably the most high profile country which harbored quantities of Nazis, but many other international countries willingly (money talks) provided cover for the toxic residue of the 3rd Reich.

We have the Israeli's to thank for tracking down many of these monsters, but even their awesome (and understandably passionate!) intelligence capabilities couldn't get them all.

Granted, many years have elapsed since 1945, but it's a near certainty that many arthritic goose steppers are still around, keeping alive and (more importantly) rejuvenating the satanic agendas of the 20th Century’s Heart of Darkness.

Which now brings us to that turgid period in the history of the Bush Royal Family, when high level

transactions took place between Fritz Thyssen (German industrialist and original backer of Adolf Hitler) and Skull and Bones members, Prescott S. Bush and E. R. Harriman.

Multitudes of extensively researched articles about additional Bush/Nazi bonds are available, so here’s a brief sample from the historically timely Zanesville Signal, Zanesville Ohio, on Thursday, July 31, 1941:


Thyssen Funds Found in U.S.

New York (INS) Existence of a $3,000,000 fund established here by Fritz Thyssen, German Industrialist and original backer of Adolf Hitler was disclosed today in a news story in the New York Journal American.


Whether the money is for Thyssen personally, or, perhaps, for some of his high placed Nazi friends in the event of an “emergency” compelling them to leave Germany, no one knew.


The money exists in funds of the Union Banking Corporation; an investment company incorporated and licensed under New York state laws in August, 1924

Money for its $400,000 capital stock came from Thyssen’s bank, Voor Handel En Scheepvaart in Rotterdam.

Among members of its board of directors are E. R. Harriman, Ray Morris and Prescott S. Bush, partners in the firm of Brown Brothers, Harriman, and company, of which W. Averill Harriman is now American minister plenipotentiary to England.

(end of article)


Prescott S. Bush, of course, is our president’s grandfather and both he and Harriman were members of the now infamous Skull and Bones “club” at Yale. Plus this news piece from that time is the tip, merely, of an iceberg of subsequent journalistic investigations into connections between the Bush Family and the 3rd Reich.

However, the more comprehensive questions before us are (1.) is the Nazi Party really “dead”, and (2.) if, not, how deeply do their tendrils reach into the heart of our Constitutional Republic? The nature of the factual and public Bush/Nazi relationship is a separate (although clearly imperative) question.

Over and over again see uncanny similarities between the Bush/Republican Party and the Nazi Party. Certainly, their MO is identical. Propaganda to the max and nationalistic/religious fanaticism melded into corporate dictatorship and cultural totalitarianism. In short, EXACTLY, the thing the war to end all wars was supposed to scourge from the planet.

When the shoe fits so perfectly, you have to wonder how much is it is still being made by embedded Gestapo shoe makers.