Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Language/thought vs reality process

Language/thought vs reality process


This subject is uncapturable. It's too big and too "real" to be nailed down with concepts.

Hence, this piece will be a whiff only of truth. But that's virtually a definition of the "human condition", i.e., the human condition is limited to whiffs.

The problem, to say it straight out, is that we are hypnotized by language. First we invented it as a species to speed up and sophisticate communication and then we internalized it into thought. Unfortunately, from that point on we equated reality with thought. Reality, for a human being, equals "thought/forms".

"You", to me, are a thought/form. Of course, "I'm" also a thought form to you -- as well as to "myself". In short personal pronouns are NOTHING BUT thought forms. They have no denotative meaning; they're just sounds and ideas.

This isn't a new idea. The orient has been kicking around the notion of "maya" for millennia and (maya) = (consensus reality) = (the world of thought/language). Maya is the thought/form world in which we live and move and have our being.

As opposed to what?

As opposed to (let's call it) reality process. Yes, these too are words and concepts, but they are grounded in intuitions which transcend consensus reality. It's the self communication of intelligence. Its intelligence "condescending" to use language/thought to non dualistically communicate with itself.

Said differently, this is reality itself talking, not some ego/personality a duality away everything thought "thinks about". Indeed, the thinking about point of view IS ego/personality. It's not what the ego/personality is "doing"; it's what the ego/personality IS.

Hence, all this birth and death business is total nonsense. Nothing (no "thing") is born and nothing dies. It's all reality process.

Here's still another way to say this. The already ongoingness of immediacy is 100% reality process. Nothing is happening "over there" while you and I are "over here" conceptualizing about it.

Non dualistic, spontaneous immediacy is all, and it's forever beyond the thought/forms of religion, science, or your designer thought/form institution of choice.

It's so simple. This is It. Nowing is Realitying.

. . . and no ego/personality is writing or reading this.


W. Christopher Epler (meaningless words)