Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Opus 29 (Two crows on a wire)

Two crows on a wire
laser eye the highway.
Do these keen, blacks beings read our fantasies as we pass?
Do they hear our prayers, celebrate our joys, heal our fears?

No ships passing by night here,
no communication, no intermediaries, no United Nations of species.
Are we in their movie, or are they in ours (or both, or neither)?
If we could make mind contact -- would we really want to?
What alien sharpness, what force of realness would attack us utterly?
How their cries demote our science/religion/philosophies to fatuousness!

Of course, they really aren’t crows,
they don't have feathers or beaks,
and they aren't even animals or things,
but to ignore this sky/wind presence is terror success.
Out of sight may be out of mind (furniture),
but out of mind isn't out of ISness.

. . . they watch us long after we've forgotten them.